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Richard X \ Black Melody Productions

Black Melody | Shame 69 - No Business

(Putout - October 2003)

Produced by Richard X and Shame 69

RX involvement in this limited 7" picture disc but all is not clear. Vocals and Lyrics by Simon. Obviously heavily indebted to LCD Soundsystem. But that wasnt the point.Things run away from you once done.

Here's some info from the web

"The hot MP3 going around last week was Shame 69's "No Business," a parody of LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge." "I used to work in the music business," a bitter-sounding man mutters while "There's No Business Like Show Business" fades in and out. "I was there when the music industry committed suicide."
Not a bad week for it. In the space of a few days, EMI announced that it was dumping 15 percent of its staff, a fifth of its artists, and its CD manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Europe"

It wasn't supposed to be about Trevor Jackson by the way. It started off as a remix project of the Negativland idea on the flip - the revalatory "music business is full of thieves and the like" idea- a cut up of various versions of There's No Business Like Show Business. It changed, and jumped somewhere else. Negativland weren't that into it, but there you go. RX then went off making pop tracks for his EMI subsiduary label.

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